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Life is full of interuptions. Sometime you need to take a moment and reflect on the world around you.

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Bender Bytes

Truth is not merely a list of abstract ideas or a collection of factual data. Rather, truth "Our Truth" is what makes up "our" reality, the sum total of that which we believe. It is entangled within our very being.

Join me on a journey that explores the truth about many subjects. Honest education is a good way to find the truth. Examining the evidence is a way juries decide what the truth is. Lets stop believing the latest trend or what feels good.

Mind Bender

Q: "Have you ever believed in something only to find out that what you believed was a lie? Have you wanted to give God a chance but just did not really know if he existed'?" To know something is far more powerful and rewarding than to believe in something. I would rather Know the truth than believe a lie. Mind Bender is a collection of facts and knowledge that will help you understand. The truth is that God does not bend we do. To understand who God is we have to be willing to Bend. But I will warn you of one thing. Its the truth. Can you handle the truth?

Bender Bylines

Life is full of choices. Some good some not so good. I write about life and the choices we make. Right or wrong we all have choices that we have to live by. Some choices make little difference in our life. Other choices can change our whole future. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as I once again pick up my pen, keyboard and write about everyday experiences, current events, and sometimes just my perspective on things. Maybe your perspective might change. Perhaps you will be encouraged.

Bible Bytes

I have found that the most important thing in the universe is the creator of it and He wrote ME a love letter. Do you have memories of letters sent to you from someone you fell in love with? How you cherished them, read them over and over, and found it very hard to throw them away. This is how I treat the bible. It is not a book of stories or do's and don't's but written from a loving God to show me more about Him. Bible Bytes is my Journey through this love letter. It is a collection of thoughts and prayers based on the truth that God loves me and wants the best for me.

Non-Profit Highlighted


Providing hope and services to Lancaster County male prisoners as they transition into the community. Transition to Community (TTC) is a 501c3 nonprofit Christ centered ministry. TTC ministers with a wholistic approach to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of pre release and post release prisoners and individuals desiring to overcome addictions. Individuals will overcome obstacles in their lives and become responsible contributors in their family, workplace and community through the Potter’s House residential ministries.

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