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Introduction to Grant Writing

We hope to provide an environment that will help those who are trying to help themselves. If this is your first attempt to write a proposal than you came to the right place. We will soon have a donation page if you have found our site helpful.

You will find some links below with helpful suggestions about writing proposals. Along with concrete suggestions about how to approach the grant writing process and ways to set targets to keep yourself on track throughout the fundraising process. We also provide suggestions about putting together budgets and links to help you create your own  web-sites. Hopefully, these resources will be useful as you get started, and more importantly, as you persevere in your efforts.

You might ask why would we tell you how to do the work that we would like to do for you? Don't we want to get paid for our services? Lets just say that we work with Non-Profits and that should explain a lot. Our real goal and mission is to join people together so that worthy projects can be funded. We also know just how time consuming the work is and the ones who can afford a professional are the ones that will seek us out. Helping Non-profits for free is our way to give a portion of our work to the public.

Here we provided a Link to Grants.Gov registration site. Please consider applying and join more than 100,000 organizations who have done so.. (Tip) Call the resource line. they will help you register. Also Check out the goverment sites at Boot2

Another Great site to go to is USA.Gov that is designed to help Non-Profits in grants, loans and other assistance.  


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