54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless

How To Read This Hyper-Book

Although there are more than 54 ways you can read this book, there are three main routes you can follow.

1. The first section of the Overview Page (from which you just came) has links to the Introduction, the 54 Ways broken intuitively into 7 themes - each marked by a roman numeral, and ending with number IX, a list of resources. The thematic links divide the 54 ways into logical sections so that you can read selectively.

2. If you wish to jump right in where you please, you can alternatively select The list of 54 Ways . This list allows you to leap in and out of the 54 in any order you like.

3. Finally, if you wish a more normal book-like experience, you can start at the beginning with go to 1. (you might want to read the Introduction first).



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