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Citizenship is the American Ideal. There may be an army of actualities opposed to that ideal, but there is no ideal opposed to that ideal.     
                                                                        G.K. Chesterson

Spend three minutes at each of the following sites for a quick overview of resources available, and return to the sites you liked best for in-depth exploration.

Key Resources for Community Participatory Decision-Making,
  and Electronic Democracy:

E-Democracy Resources from Steven Clift

Knowledge Democracy Center from Andrew Cohill

E-democracy Archives from Steven Clift

Democracies Online
Includes resources and a newsletter

United Kingdom Report on E-democracy

Liberty Net
Institute for the Study of Civic Values--Help strengthen America's commitment
to our historic civic ideals. Many resources for citizens to build a true, informed,
proactive democracy!

Neighborhoods Online: National
A key component of LibertyNet; helping neighborhood activists and organizations gain information and resources of use in solving community problems; online resource center.

Votelink-the voice of the 'Net
Free on-line voting and discussions; See Teen Voting and discussions!

The Civic Mind
Gateway to civic participation.

Free voting and polling web tools for your web site.
A clearinghouse for cause-related web collaborative activities. Select the Virtual Activist training course! Activist Group Directory
Here's a great searchable directory of "communities of interest;" citizens with a mission!

An Electronic Civil Liberties Library
From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Select Netculture and Online community, and Cyberanthropology.

Minnesota E-Democracy Initiative 
An exceptionally vigorous state initiative. Good source of links to similarly minded folks.

24 Hours in Cyberspace
Creating a digital time capsule of how online technology is changing the world in the course of a single day.

Home, School and Community Collaboration Models

Cyberfair Project from the Global Schoolhouse Select Collaborative Projects, then Cyberfair.
An Intl. competition for K12 students to create local web community content.

Collaborative Learning Community Models and Resources

Select "Web Conferencing" and click on David Woolley's Web conferencing site!
Includes a guide to selecting web conferencing software. 
A searchable directory of discussion forums on the web. Resources on community collaboration.

Federal Government Resources and Contacts

Thomas Jefferson Government Resources
Direct from the Library of Congress, here are extensive resources on current congressional activity; Bills, congressional records, advisory board reports, congressional Internet sites, and even email addresses and mailing label files for serious community activists.

Your first click for government resources.

Providing a comprehensive central access point for locating and acquiring government information.

League of Women Voters: DemocracyNet

The White House
Take the White House Tour!!

Guide to online mentoring and federal computer recycling program 

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Resources

               Information condenses to knowledge which condenses to wisdom,
value is created in an information economy.

Adult and Youth Entrepreneurship Training Resources 
Select Entrepreneurship, then Entrepreneurship resources! See end of listing for courses for K8-K12; Entrepreneurship Curriculum.
From Washington DC, the most electronically wired, educated, monied and politically charged community in the world; here are resources for learning how to grow an online business.

Business @ Home
Making a life while making a living.

Telecommuting Jobs Listing and How-To-Telecommute Handbook
Interesting focus for a home business; to teach others telecommuting skills.

Mining Company Telecommuting Resources

Home Office Association of America
SoHo (Small Office/Home Office Resources;) Excellent! See their resource links!

Community Networking Models

Association for Community Networking
A new organization created by many of the original pioneers.

500 local businesses and organizations have web sites posted. Includes text-based conferencing in a web-accessible format.

La Plaza Telecommunity
A rural tri-cultural community network which was the first to use a graphical interface.

Metropolitan Austin Information Network (MAIN)
A successful large urban community network




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