Resources for Nonprofits:
Tools For The Trade

There are many tools that are needed to plan your next goal, fundraiser, or program. Here you will find an assortment of resources that will help guide you in the process. Feel free to down load and use them as you see fit. Please keep the credits intact for they are used with permission from various copy written materials.

Strategic, Program and Operational Planning

Needs Assessment Tool(509 KB) A Needs Assessment is an opportunity to understand the extent of the problem your organization looks to solve, gather information about services already available to your target population and identify the gaps in services available to your target population.

Planning Presentation - Determining What is Core Planning Presentation - Determining What is Core (84 KB) This program planning presentation helps nonprofits focus on what is core to their mission.

Strategic Plan Sample Vital Statistics Strategic Plan Sample(55 KB) Here is a sample of statistics collected in support of a strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Overview(36 KB) This is an overview of CRE’s Strategic Planning services.

Strategic Planning Phases and Products (48 KB) This diagram takes you through the phases of a strategic plan, highlighting activities and products of each phase.

Strategic Planning Process (31 KB) This diagram provides a visual guide to the strategic planning process.


Budget with Shared General and Admin Expenses(20 KB) This before and after budget demonstrates how to allocate shared general and administrative expenses among revenue sources.

Budget with Variance Analysis (16 KB) Use this format to analyze variances between actual and budgeted revenues and expenses.

Cash Flow Analysis (11 KB) Project your organization's cash flow with this tool.

Financial Reports for Management and Board(25 KB) These are the financial reports senior management and the board will need on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Projected Income Budget(16 KB) Use this budget tool to project income from various sources based on the likelihood of receipt.

Questions to Ask a CPA (15 KB) Use these questions to interview a CPA you are hiring to perform an audit or financial review.

Questions When Engaging a Financial Services Provider (20 KB) These questions will help you if you plan to outsource your financial management.

Tips on Financial Record Keeping (91 KB) This memo will help you understand what records you need to keep and how to organize them.

Human Resources

Sample personnel manual (73 KB) Use this sample personnel manual as a guide to setting up a personnel manual for your organization. Every nonprofit should have one. It should be distributed upon hire, and updated as needed.

Sample performance management process (107 KB) This schematic shows how performance management should work in theory. Call CRE to tailor a performance management process for your organization.

Executive Search Process (18 KB) Compare CRE’s robust Executive Search process to our competitor’s.

Board Development

Board Assessment Questionnaire for Board Members (85 KB) These assessment tools will point out areas of strength and weakness in the functioning of your organization’s board of directors.

Board Assessment Questionnaire for Executive Directors (54 KB) These assessment tools will point out areas of strength and weakness in the functioning of your organization’s board of directors.

Critical Thinking

Applying Outcome Thinking (1311 KB) This presentation builds on Introduction to Outcome Thinking and helps you document your Theory of Change via an Outcome Map.

Hands-on Tools for Hard Times: Collaborations (167 KB) Learn what considerations are important in a collaboration and how to plan for a collaboration.

Intro to Outcome Thinking (1219 KB) This presentation which CRE prepared for IBM corporate volunteers introduces you to Outcome Thinking, Theory of Change and Logic Models.

Outcome Thinking Glossary (54 KB) Use this glossary as a companion piece as you work on your organization’s Theory of Change and Logic Model.

Theory of Change Templates (211 KB) These blank and filled in templates include a theory of change worksheets, outcome maps and logic model worksheets.


Achieving Fundraising Results: A Conversation with Funders (482 KB) Slides from the May 25, 2010 Fundraising in Hard Times Webinar Series

CRE City Council Discretionary Funding Tip Sheet (94 KB) This tool will help your organization to understand the different types of City Council discretionary funding that are available, key considerations, the application process, and the City budget calendar.

CRE's Fundraising Model (19 KB) This graphic illustrates a comprehensive and integrated fundraising model.

Fundraising in Hard Times Webinar Presentation (1612 KB) Slides from the Fundraising in Hard Times Webinar, presented by Community Resource Exchange in partnership with The CUNY School of Professional Studies on May 12, 2010.

Fundraising Strategies (90 KB) Use these fundraising strategies to increase support from private sources and cultivate individual, corporate, in-kind, and special event donors.

Special Event Planning Tool Special Event Planning Tool (19 KB) This tool will provide a road map to your fundraising from special events.

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