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What Is Bender Bylines?

Bender Bylines was created in 1992 when I was a missionary in East Africa. During that time I wrote to my supporters about life in Tanzania. Those were the first publications about life as a missionary, current events, and the truths about hard issues that I faced from day to day. I sent those newsletters home to  my church. The title caught on and soon people looked forward to "Bender Bylines". 

Today, in 2009, I wish to start writing again in my home town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I desire to write about things I have experienced events I have seen, and about a God who loves me through all my mistakes. Difficult times can give us new perspective on things. I have learned over the years that embracing the truth is the best way to live a life of peace and Love.

Sadly many of us do not know the truth or understand the truth. We are like a ship tossed at sea not realizing the rocks that are all around us. We need a light to shine in the darkness or our ship will surly be destroyed. We need to understand the truth to make wise choices.

Shopping in Tanzania was quite an experience. There was not a lot to choose from. Two different boxes of cereal would be a great find but mostly there was only "Weatabix" a breakfast type of cereal that you would break up in milk. This would be the same for other items on the shelf. At times it would make life easy because if I wanted cereal I would waste no time while grabbing the only choice on the shelf. It also made it less expensive. 

Coming back to America and stepping in a grocery store was mind boggling. I remember my family just starring at all the boxes on the shelf. There was just to many things to choose from.We were overwhelmed. 

Today I do not even think about such things. I throw all kinds of items in the cart. Sale- Sale-Sale. I just have to have it. I still stand there sometimes looking at all the choices and sometimes wonder how simple it once was to only have one. Yes, there is something about choices that give us a sense of control in our lives.

Bender Bylines is a collection of experiences, facts, and research that has helped me on my passage through the rough seas, dangerous rocks and dark night. There has been times where I ignored the light and tried to sail on my own understanding. I tried to make choices with out understanding. I have to confess that I got banged up, tossed at sea, and was shipped wrecked for quite a while. If there was not someone who was faithful to shine a light for me to see, I would still be lost.

Today through these pages I wish to shine a light. My hope is that things that I have experienced and mistakes that I have made can help another person stay clear from the rocks (lies) that are all around us. Jesus said "know the truth and the truth will set you free!"

Life  is full of choices. Some good some not so good. I write about life and the choices we make. Right or wrong we all have choices that we have to live by. Some choices make little difference in our life. Other choices can change our whole future. I hope you enjoy reading my articles as I once again pick up my pen, keyboard and write about everyday experiences, current events, and sometimes just my perspective on things. Maybe your perspective might change. Perhaps you will be encouraged. What ever you get out of reading Bender Bylines I truly pray that it helps you make good choices in the future. So once again I bring you:




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