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A Big Help in a Small Package.

Bender Consulting partners with faith-based non profit organizations to provide comprehensive business, legal and financial solutions. Specializing in strengthening the foundations of organizations to help them serve their communities more effectively. Read More

What We Specialize In

Professional Consulting

For our purpose here at Bender Consulting a "Consultant" is a person or firm with a wide range of experiences that will guide a person or organization to its desired destiny. Bender Consulting has years of experience working with non-profits which will maximize the effectiveness of your goal, program, and mission. We are here to help you achieve success as we become a part of YOUR over all vision.

Web Development

Research has shown that a potential customer decides within the first 30 seconds whether or not to leave a website. During this window it is crucial to catch the customer’s attention and convey a level of comfort to draw them in and guide them along their journey. Clear and simple functionality is a key component which allows the website to work for displaying the proper information in the right order to lead the customer to buy your goods or services.


Fundraising is the art of connecting to people and organizations and mobilizing them to support your organization with money, services, goods, knowledge, time and moral support. It is an on-going person to person process which provides the financial resources necessary to create and maintain sustainable, high quality services. This does not mean that fundraising is strictly money-related. It is in essence ‘friend-raising’. Fundraising is about cultivating relationships, developing support for your project, raising awareness and involving people in your dream. If you’re thinking of fundraising think outside the box?

Grant Writing

Grants are basically free money, which is given to individuals, businesses, or organization, deemed qualified by foundations based on the criteria for that specific grant. Every grant is meant to be for its own specific purpose and the grant is then awarded to the applicant who best meets this purpose. Our firm has the recourses, skills, and talents to successfully see your project to completion.

Financial Management

Nonprofit leaders and managers have to develop at least basic skills in financial management. Basic skills in financial management start in the critical areas of cash management and bookkeeping. Financial analysis shows the "reality" of the situation of a business -- seen as such, financial management is one of the most important practices in management. Budgets will help you understand the basic in financial management, and build the basic systems and practices needed in a healthy organization

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