A Sweet Aroma

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By Ron Bender© 2009, 2013

Read The Bible

"A Sweet Aroma"

Don’t just read the Bible to get through it—let the Word of God read you and get through you.

Learning to pray the Scriptures from your heart so that you long for more of God in your life and confess your sin, hurt, stress, and needs to him is a fundamental spiritual discipline for being with Jesus to become like him. But many of us don’t know how to read the Bible this way or we let ourselves get busy and distracted.

Jeanne Guyon wrote: “Take the portion of Scripture that has touched your heart and turn it into prayer… Plunge into the very depths of the words you read until revelation, like a sweet aroma, breaks out upon you… Hold your heart in the Lord’s presence” (Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, p. 8, 10).

An Example

For instance, today I’ve been praying from Psalm 95 and appreciating that God, through the Psalmist, says to me, “Come!” What a blessed invitation! It’s like church bells ringing to call me into prayer. Just to pause and linger on this opportunity is a great joy. What a great help it is to be reminded that I can come to God as I am, sharing with him my hopes and challenges and relying on him to care for me and guide me step-by-step.

I invite you to “Come!” to the Lord. Spend some time with a passage of the Bible and let it warm your heart for prayer.


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