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A Bender Byte Moment

By Ron Bender © 2011

God’s Word speaks to us in our struggles and needs – The Truth is good for the soul! The Holy Bible is inspired by God to show us and train us how to live a good and godly life in a world of sin, stress, and disappointment.

Relying on the Spirit of God as we meditate on the Word of God gives us God’s life and forms us more and more into the image of Christ. Reading, studying, meditating on, memorizing, and praying Scripture is essential for life.

Over the years I have gathered these “Bible Verses Of Truth” to guide me and encourage me where I needed it the most. I hope they will encourage you also.

Addictions / 12 Step Recovery

Co-Dependency Recovery (Help with your Boundaries)

Anger / Abuse


Jesus’ Way of Dealing with Anger

Responding to Abuse

Anxiety / Fear / Stress

31 Days to Freedom from Fear

Anxiety Antidotes

Bible Prayers to Live Worry Free

Grace for Perfectionism

Depression / Low Self-Esteem

Comfort for the Lonely

Healing Power of Gratitude

Light Posts for the Depressed

Rejoice in the Lord

Understanding Pain and Suffering

Eating Disorders / Overeating

Feeding on the Fruit of the Spirit (Instead of Overeating!)

Food and Fitness

Image of God (Healing and Renewal)

God’s Love Letter to You!

Psalm 23 Pictures to Pray

The Father God Loves You!

Marriage / Family / Relationships

Jesus Set Boundaries

Love One Another

Psychology of the Self

Awake My Soul!

Seeking God with Each Part of the Person (Using Psalm 63)


Sexual Purity

Spiritual Growth

Breath Prayers from the Bible

Electric Passages from the Bible to Memorize

Spiritiual Disciplines To Grow With

For Lectio Divina

Hungry Heart Scripture Meditations

Our Identity in Christ


The Healing Power of Gratitude


In Christ Alone


For More Bytes Of Truth articles…

Overcoming Problems

Psalm Prayers

Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Growth

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Thank you!


Ronald Bender- President/CEO Bender Consulting.~



Jesus Loves You

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